Britehoods Shareables is the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to rent/lend what you have, and get things you need occasionally. Earn/save money, help neighbors, and reduce wasteful consumption.

Explore how Shareables work: 

The Britehoods AI-powered system enables you to get dozens of your Shareables up and running in minutes. 

1. Creating your Shareables library 
Set up your Shareables library by going to Account -> Select roles, and turning on the Sharer role. 

If you are new to selling/renting on Britehoods, the app will walk you through setting up your Shareables library, including pickup and delivery options and time windows. 

If you are already a Creator, Refillery or Brand on Britehoods, the settings you have already established will apply to your Shareables library as well. 

2. Add items to your Shareables library 
There are two ways to add items to your Shareables library:

A: Item has a product barcode 
Most commercially available products have barcodes on the product and/or its packaging. Simply scan the barcode from the Britehoods app’s Scan section (middle button on the bottom bar). Within a few seconds, the Britehoods AI-powered system will identify the product, show its pictures, description and a suggested reasonable rental price for it based on various factors such as original price, demand for the item and more. You can edit any of that information, before adding the item to your library. Britehoods instantly searches through over 800 million barcoded items. 

If for some reason this process does not work or your item does not have a barcode, then follow the second way below. 

B: Item does not have a product barcode 
If you cannot find the barcode, or it is a unique one of a kind item, then you can add it to your Shareables library manually. Go to Account > Seller dashboard > Products > Add products > Shareable > Enter manually. Add a title, description, select a category, set a per day rental price, a base price and add images. You can optionally add multiple volume discount tiers (if Renter rents the item for longer than a certain time frame, they get an automatic discount). 

Base price is the maximum price the Renter would pay in case they don’t return the item on time, or at all (read more in the Late returns section below). The base price you set should be what you would be happy selling the item for. It should not be higher than the price of that exact item, new. 

Items in your Shareables library will go live within 15 minutes of you adding items. Britehoods will review all items to ensure they comply with our terms and conditions. 

Lending at no cost
To lend an item (letting someone borrow it for free, instead of paying rent for it) simply set the rental price for it to $0

Volume discount
This feature allows you to create discounts for longer rental periods. For items entered with a barcode scan, the system automatically suggests a volume discount for a week based on various factors. You can remove or edit the discount, or create more tiers. These will automatically be visible to the Renter at the time of rental. For items added manually, add volume discount tiers as you deem fit. 

3. Stick Britehoods Shareables Tags 
Britehoods Shareables Tags are 1 inch round adhesive stickers, each with a unique QR code and Tag ID#. The Tags have an extremely strong adhesive, and are made with a material that is dishwasher and weather proof. 

Britehoods will mail out to you via USPS a set of Britehoods Shareables Tags, based on the size of your library, FREE.  

Stick a Britehoods Tag on the Shareables items. If you have more items than the Tags you have received, please be selective in putting them on - you can also wait and put them on items as they get rented. You can order more (they’re cheap!) by going to the shopping section of the app and searching for ‘Shareables Tags’. Active Sharers can request complimentary Tags by messaging Britehoods Support. 

Then one by one scan each Tag, and select the item it went on. This creates an association of that Tag to the item, which will be used to track the item through its rental journeys.

This is a one-time process for each item. If for any reason you need to change a Tag on an item, simply delete that item, add it again, and Tag it afresh.

Lost & Found
Here is the best part: these Tags also serve the purpose of Lost & Found Tag - if you lose the item and it is found by someone and scanned, they will be able to message you to return the item

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not essential for Sharers to use Britehoods Shareables Tags - in case you haven't received them, lost them, have run out, or your items cannot have stickers (such as clothing). Sharers: Simply go to your list of orders (Account > Operations > Prepare) to see your orders and do the needful. Renters: Go to My orders, tap on each for the functionality for returning and extending. 

4. Renting/lending/sharing  
Your Shareables go live within 15 minutes after you save each one. They are visible to Britehoods users with addresses in your delivery area, and within 10 miles of your address when you have pickups available. 

When a customer places an order for a Shareable from you, you will receive a notification with all the details. 

To prepare your Shareables orders for delivery or pickup, go to Account > Operations > Prepare, where you will see all your orders by day. 

When the order has been put together, then set it to Packed

Then, based on whether your store features Pickups or Delivery or both: 

Go to Account > Seller dashboard > Pickups. Select the date to view all the pickups scheduled for that date. Mark the order ‘Ready for pickup’. This will send a notification to the customer that their items are ready for pickup. The rental period will actually start when you have marked the item as ‘Ready for pickup’, and not when it was ordered. Read more in Pickups

Go to Account > Seller dashboard > Deliveries. Select date, zones, vehicles and tap Create route (most home based Sharers don’t have an extensive operation that needs this powerful functionality- but it’s there for those Sellers who do, and everyone is welcome to use it - it’s free)
This will give you an optimized route to make your deliveries, and mark them as Delivered. The rental period will actually start when you have marked the item as delivered, and not when it was ordered. Read more in Deliveries.

Browse or search the app’s shopping section for Shareables (they have pink buttons). 

Choose the number of days you are renting/borrowing the item for, and checkout. Be sure to check and if available, select the delivery or pickup option, whichever is available. 

Pickup: When your rented/borrowed item is ready for pickup, you will receive a notification. This will also be the start of the rental period. Scan the Britehoods Tag on the item to confirm that you have picked it up. 

Delivery: After the Sharer delivers the item, you will get a notification. This will also be the start of the rental period.

Sharers and Renters are encouraged to message each other from within the Britehoods app to communicate, coordinate and resolve any issues. 

Sharers can start a message from Account > Seller dashboard > Operations > Prepare > Select date > find order and tap message

Renters can start a message to a Sharer from Account > My Orders > find order and tap message, or by scanning the Britehoods Tag on the item and tapping Message the owner. Once started, all message strings can be found here: Account > Messages

Messaging outside of the Britehoods messaging system is highly discouraged because it does not provide all the information needed for effective resolution of issues.

When an item is ready to be returned, first the Renter needs to scan the Britehoods Tag on the item. Based on whether the item was picked up or delivered (which means the Renter possibly paid for the item to be both dropped off to the Renter and taken back), the app will give you the right options:

Renter picked up the item
The app will prompt them to drop the item at the Sharer’s location displayed, and leave an optional note about its condition, an optional image of where it was left, and then mark it Returned. The Sharer will receive a notification that the item was returned. 

Sharer delivered the item
The app will prompt the Renter to leave instructions and images on where the Sharer can get their item back, and tap Request pickup. The Sharer will receive a notification that the item is ready to be taken back. When the Sharer reaches the Renter’s location and takes back the item, they will scan the Britehoods Tag on it, and tap Confirm return.

Renters: To extend a rental, the Renter will first scan the Tag on the item, to check the original return date. Then they will need to message the Sharer from within the app to check if the item is available to be extended. If the Sharer consents, then scan the item again, and tap the Extend button, select the number of days you are extending the rental for, and check out

Sharers: If you would like for the rental to not be extended, please message the Renter back and let them know to return the rental by the time it is due. They are then supposed to follow the return process above as normal. If there is a refund due or there are any other issues, the Renter can message Britehoods Support and we will be happy to process it.

If the item is not returned by the due date, the Renter will be charged for each additional day - at the time when the rental was confirmed. This stops when the item’s base price is reached. 

We encourage the Sharer and Renter to communicate with each other honestly about what could be happening and coordinate. Please contact Britehoods Support for any assistance.

While Shareables is for renting/lending, it can be used to buy/sell items outright. Each item has a base price associated with it. If a rental period’s payouts exceed the base price, it can be deemed between the Sharer and the Renter to be a transfer of ownership. This is something that Sharers and Renters must communicate with each other about via the Britehoods messaging system and mutually decide on their course of action. The Britehoods Support team can help in case there is any confusion. 

If the item is produced by the Sharer and the intention is to sell it, then being a Creator on Britehoods and putting it up on the store for outright sale might be the better way to go. Please visit the Guide on Creators to learn more.

We urge Sharers to only offer items in good working condition. Britehoods is a trust based community, and no one wants to waste their time, effort and money to get items that are in a poor or unusable condition. They may be worn, even old, but should be in good working condition. This is part of why Shareables encourages people to buy items of good quality - paying more, yet knowing they will get lots of uses and there can be a return of investment. If we receive feedback from Renters about an item in poor shape - we may turn it off to avoid others from having a bad experience.

Britehoods is a community of well-intentioned, like minded people who want to help each other, their neighborhoods, and the planet. Despite our best intentions, things such as loss or damage happen. When such situations are encountered, the Sharer and the Renter/borrower need to settle all such matters amongst themselves. Britehoods does not provide insurance or back Shareables transactions occurring on the app. We will provide text and phone based support to understand each situation and help with communication as necessary, but will not be responsible for any additional compensation. 

We do not recommend posting items on the app for renting that the Sharer holds personally dear, is too fragile, is too valuable to let it go into another person’s hands, or can cause other problems. 

If you don’t feel comfortable with renting an item to someone, please message them right back letting them know. Then inform Britehoods Support so a refund can be issued. 

Britehoods Shareables is an evolving ecosystem - with a rich roadmap of features coming up. Please message us through the app (Account > Messages > Britehoods Support) with your feedback and ideas.

When a rental has been marked as Returned (read about the return process below) - the Sharer’s payout (rental fee + delivery fee if any + sales tax if any - the Britehoods fee) will become available in the Britehoods Wallet within 1 hour. Please consult the Guide on the Britehoods Wallet to learn how it works.  

If the rental gets extended repeatedly till the base price is reached and then charged, the Sharer will receive their payout into their Britehoods Wallet within 1 hour.

In general, durable items that are a great fit for your Shareables library are: 

- used occasionally, and 

- last for years if used moderately and with care.

Here are the Shareables categories you can add items to:

It’s likely that the book you are looking for is sitting on a shelf somewhere nearby. And someone is looking for a book gathering dust on your bookshelf. Let’s give them a second life, or shall we say, a second read. 

Sharing books on Britehoods Shareables encourages neighbors to connect, learn, and grow together. In an era where digital screens dominate our lives, Shareables brings the joy of reading back to the heart of your neighborhood by making paper books in your neighborhood discoverable and accessible. It’s like a veil is lifted from bookshelves all around the neighborhood. 

Here are some benefits and features of books on Britehoods Shareables: 

Renting books to neighbors can have several benefits for both individuals and the community as a whole:

Save money: Renting books from neighbors can be more cost-effective than buying new books or even borrowing from a library. This is especially beneficial for avid readers who go through many books.

Build your library in seconds: Simply point the camera in the Britehoods mobile app at a book’s ISBN barcode and watch the magic - Britehoods will automatically get the book’s cover image, description, author name and more. It will also show a suggested reasonable daily rental price and price based on various factors. Review/edit if you like, and just hit save and go to the next book. It’s so fast that you can set up dozens of books in minutes. 

For older books without an ISBN number, or those that do not have a record in the Library of Congress will need to be added manually. 

Children’s books: With so many things competing for their attention, especially digital screens, children are reading less and less these days. Britehoods Shareables brings back the love of reading by letting kids in a neighborhood digitally discover books in each others’ homes, and then physically rent/borrow/swap them with each other - at home or school. 

Encouraging book-sharing within a community can promote literacy and a love for reading, especially among children and young adults.

Community building: Sharing books with neighbors encourages interaction, discussion, and the exchange of ideas among neighbors who may not have otherwise connected.

In today's fast-paced world, many people suffer from social isolation. Britehoods Shareables provides an opportunity for neighbors to come together, fostering a sense of belonging and combating loneliness.

Environmental benefits: Pulp from 1 average tree produces only about two hundred and fifty 300-page books. Renting/borrowing locally reduces the need for new book production, packaging, transportation, and disposal which can help reduce the carbon footprint associated with books. 

Helps authors and publishers: Britehoods Shareables help authors and titles get discovered by new audiences. This helps the sales of other titles by the same author/publisher, while also promoting their digital content extensions, consulting businesses and more. 

Space savings: Books can take up a lot of space, and not everyone has the room for an extensive personal library. Renting books from neighbors allows you to enjoy a variety of books without cluttering your own living space. This is especially helpful in college campuses and apartment complexes

Keep it local: When you rent books from neighbors, you're supporting people and businesses in your community rather than large corporations, which helps strengthen the local economy. 

Discovering hidden gems: You may come across hidden gems or lesser-known books through your neighbors' collections that you wouldn't have encountered otherwise. This expands your reading options and allows you to explore different genres and authors - like a distributed extension of public, school and university libraries - with discovery enabled by search and location services.

Flexibility: Renting books from neighbors can offer more flexibility in terms of loan durations and conditions compared to formal library systems. Just message each other and figure out what works best. 

Serves as a record of books you own: Many people use Britehoods as a digital record of the books they own - a great use of the app. 

The Britehoods Shareables marketplace can also be used to power new and existing business and side-hustle concepts: 

Students: Run your own textbook rental business. 

New/used book stores: Start a new revenue stream by renting books out. 

Little Free Library members: Supercharge your library by making it searchable. 

Parents/guardians: Let kids share their books, earn money and learn how to own and run a business.

What’s in your garage or tool cabinet sitting unused most of the time? Drills, hand tools, lawn equipment, ladders, automotive tools, and more - are all occasionally used, expensive to own space hogs that each household doesn’t need to own, when there’s one nearby, or in the same apartment building. 

Renting/lending your tools to neighbors via Britehoods Shareables offers several benefits, both for the owner and the community:

Generate extra income: Renting out your tools can provide you with a steady stream of additional income. This can be especially beneficial if you have expensive or specialized tools that are not in constant use.

Recoup tool costs: Tools can be expensive, and renting them out can help you recoup some of the initial purchase cost over time. This encourages investing in high-quality tools that are built to last.

Strengthen community bonds: Renting tools to your neighbors can help foster a sense of community and neighborly cooperation. It's a way to build stronger relationships with those living nearby.

Reduce environmental impact: Sharing tools within your community can reduce the need for multiple households to purchase and store the same tools. This can contribute to a reduction in the consumption of resources and waste.

Access to a wider range of tools: Gain access to a wider variety of tools that you might not have purchased on your own. 

Maintenance and repair support: When renting out tools, you might be more inclined to keep them well-maintained. Additionally, if you rent from neighbors, they may provide tips and assistance for using and maintaining the tools effectively.

Reduced storage needs: Renting tools to neighbors can free up space in your garage or workshop by reducing the number of tools you need to store long-term.

It is essential to approach renting tools to neighbors with care. Make sure to describe their condition and safety practices clearly in the description. It is critical that the tools be in good working condition.

Sometimes people need more than just a ride from point A to point B (which they can get from ride sharing services):- An elderly person in the neighborhood needs help with moving a piece of furniture to her friend’s house a short distance away. - Someone needs a trailer to haul something. - Someone needs a family van for a day to take visiting family out for a day. 

A lot of personal modes of transportation - including bikes, scooters, cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, boats - sit idle. Renting your transportation to neighbors through Britehoods Shareables can offer several benefits, both for you and your neighbors: 

Extra income: Renting out your vehicle can be a source of additional income. It can help you offset the costs of owning and maintaining the vehicle, such as insurance, fuel, and maintenance.

Cost sharing: Neighbors who rent your transportation for occasional use can save money compared to traditional rental services or owning their own vehicles

Community building: Renting your transportation to neighbors can help build a sense of community, collaboration and trust among neighbors. 

Reduced environmental impact: By sharing your vehicle with neighbors, fewer people may need to own them in your neighborhood. This leads to reduced emissions and less congestion, contributing to a greener environment.

Convenience: Renting a vehicle from a neighbor can be more convenient than going to a rental agency, especially if your neighbor lives nearby. It saves time and effort in the rental process.

Flexibility: Renting to neighbors allows for more flexible and customized rental arrangements. 

Safety and trust: You may feel more comfortable renting your vehicle to neighbors you know and trust.

Tax benefits: Depending on your location and the rental income you generate, there may be potential tax benefits associated with renting out your vehicle.

Reduced parking demand: Sharing vehicles within a neighborhood can reduce the overall demand for parking spaces.

It's essential to consider some potential drawbacks and take precautions when renting your transportation to neighbors. These include insurance considerations, liability, maintenance expectations, and potential disputes. To ensure a smooth rental experience, we recommend establishing clear rental terms in your listing, and for both parties to communicate effectively.

Modern homes are often filled with items used only occasionally. Appliances (blenders, grills, pools, dishware (for parties), electronics, pieces of furniture (for special occasions), pet related items (kennels, carriers, etc), electronics - things that others in the neighborhood often need, occasionally. Sharing them via Britehoods Shareables offers great benefits for everyone, including: 

Cost savings: Renting occasionally used household items allows neighbors to access what they may only need once in a while without having to purchase and store them - saving them money. 

Income generation: Renting such items out can generate extra income for you, helping offset the initial cost of the items. This in turn enables Sharers to invest in high quality products, knowing that they will be able to make some or all of that money back. 

Space optimization: Renting reduces clutter in both households - freeing up space for other uses. 

Environmental impact: Renting creates sustainability by reducing the need for wasteful consumption - the root of factors causing climate change. 

Access to specialized items: Renting allows neighbors to access specialized or seasonal kitchen items they may not want to purchase for occasional use. For example, specialized baking equipment or large outdoor grills for summer barbecues.

Community building: Sharing resources fosters a sense of community and neighborly camaraderie. It strengthens social bonds and builds trust among neighbors - something that’s eroded in recent times. 

Convenience: With Britehoods powerful functionality, renting becomes more convenient than buying. This is especially true for items that are bulky or need complicated assembly.  

Variety: Renting enables neighbors to experiment with different kitchen tools, appliances, brands and models without the commitment of purchasing - reducing the waste associated with buying and returning items - most of those end up in landfill. 

Emergency backup: Neighbors can rely on each other in emergencies or during disasters. Blankets, coolers, heaters, vehicles, kitchen equipment, medical equipment - Britehoods Shareables creates visibility of what’s available where - enabling people to help each other when they need it the most. 

Reduced waste: Renting kitchen items can contribute to reduced waste, as it minimizes the need for single-use or disposable items.

Please establish any constraints or guidelines for the use of your item in your listing to avoid potential conflicts or misunderstandings.

Wardrobes in most modern homes are often overflowing with clothes. And yet, there is an innate desire to wear something new, special and desirable - just once. Why buy, when you can rent/borrow from someone nearby? Why ship long distances, or wait for it to arrive in the mail - and not be the right size, when you can get it, try it, rent it - from someone down the road? 

Renting clothes to neighbors can offer several benefits, both for individuals, the community and the planet as a whole: 

Cost savings: Renting clothes is often more affordable than buying new ones, especially for special occasions or trendy items that may not be worn frequently. This can help individuals save money on their wardrobe expenses.

Sustainable fashion: Renting clothes promotes sustainability by reducing the demand for new clothing production. It helps extend the lifespan of garments and reduces the environmental impact associated with textile manufacturing and disposal.

Wardrobe variety: Renting clothes allows individuals to access a wider range of fashion options without the commitment of owning them. This can be particularly useful for events like weddings, parties, or vacations where people want to wear something unique without making a long-term investment.

Reduced clutter: Renting clothes can help declutter homes by eliminating the need to store clothing items that are rarely worn. This can lead to a more organized and minimalist living space.

Community building: Sharing clothes with neighbors fosters a sense of community and can strengthen social bonds. It encourages interaction and cooperation among neighbors, which can lead to a more connected and supportive community.

Experimentation: Renting clothes allows individuals to experiment with different styles, designers, and brands without committing to a purchase. It encourages fashion exploration and self-expression.

Access to high-end fashion: Renting clothes can provide access to high-end designer fashion that may be financially out of reach for many individuals when purchased new.

Income generation: If you have a surplus of clothing items, renting them out to neighbors can generate extra income, which can be particularly beneficial in economically challenging times.

Please include good pictures, clearly indicate the size of each item, the brand, condition and how you would like them to be returned (washed, dry cleaned, and so on).

Your child wanted to have a Star Wars themed birthday party. You spend lots of money getting special Star Wars themed decorations, cutlery, games and more - to make the day as special as it could be. And now, you are the proud owner of all that stuff, still as good as new - probably never to be used again. Can’t throw it - was too expensive, can’t keep it - he won’t want the same item again. 

Meanwhile, there’s another child in the neighborhood or in the same school wanting to have a Star Wars themed party as well. And the cycle continues. 

Enter Britehoods Shareables: Enabling distributed ‘libraries’ of party supplies to become searchable and accessible, which then helps the families share with each other, save/earn money, build relationships and reduce waste.


Convenience: Renting party supplies to neighbors offers convenience to both parties. Your neighbors don't have to search for and purchase the items they need for their party, and you don't have to worry about storing these items when they're not in use.

Cost savings: It can be expensive to purchase party supplies, especially if they're only going to be used occasionally. Renting allows your neighbors to save money by paying a fraction of the cost for items they may only use once or twice.

Environmental impact: Sharing party supplies within a community can reduce waste. Instead of every neighbor buying disposable plates, cups, and decorations for their own parties, they can rent/lend these items to each other, reducing the environmental footprint.

Variety: Neighbors can give each other access to a variety of items and themes they may not have considered or been able to afford if they had to purchase everything themselves.

Space savings: Collective libraries of party supplies frees up space and reduces clutter in each home.

Community building: Sharing party supplies can foster a sense of community and cooperation. It provides an opportunity for interaction and neighborly assistance, which can strengthen community bonds.

Earn extra income: Sharing party supplies can be a source of extra income for you. Depending on the demand in your neighborhood, this could become a profitable side business.

Maintenance and quality control: When people rent their party supplies, it encourages everyone to go for higher quality and ensure that your neighbors receive clean, well-maintained items for their events.

Customization: You can create a party supplies rental business of sorts right on Britehoods, working with your neighbors to customize their rentals to suit their specific party themes and needs, offering a personalized service that enhances their event experience.

Please provide clear descriptions and any expectations when renting party supplies to neighbors. Building trust and maintaining open communication with your neighbors will be key to a successful and mutually beneficial arrangement.

In today's fast-paced world, many families accumulate a vast collection of toys that often go unused for long periods as children outgrow them. These toys take up space, gather dust, and contribute to unnecessary waste when eventually discarded. Additionally, purchasing new toys can be costly, especially for items that children may outgrow quickly. 

Imagine a world where neighbors come together to foster a sense of community, reduce waste, and bring smiles to children's faces. Britehoods Shareables enables neighbors to rent/lend toys to each other, transforming the way we play and interact with those around us, while building lasting relationships, reducing environmental impact, and making childhood memories even more special.

Community connection: Britehoods connects neighbors and fosters a sense of community by providing a platform for them to interact, share, and collaborate. Families can meet their neighbors and build trust through toy sharing, creating a stronger sense of belonging.

Cost savings: Renting toys through Britehoods Shareables is an economical choice for parents. Instead of buying expensive toys that children may quickly lose interest in, parents can access a variety of toys at a fraction of the cost. Britehoods’s underlying platform essentially enables a barter economy - but with real money and item values - so the exchanges are fair, asynchronous, and can occur within and across groups. 

Environmental impact: By sharing toys, we reduce the environmental footprint associated with their manufacturing, packaging, transportation and disposal (most are not recyclable). It is not just more convenient, it aligns with sustainable living principles, helping minimize waste and promote responsible consumption. It also orients our future generations to not be wasteful and experience the importance of community. 

Variety and exploration: When the network in a neighborhood is strong, children benefit from a diverse selection of toys. They can explore new interests, try out different types of toys, and develop a broader range of skills and hobbies. 

Space-saving: Toys can take up a lot of space in a home. Renting reduces the need for storage and clutter, making the living space more organized and spacious.

Test before buying: Renting a toy can be a trial period before committing to purchasing it. If a child particularly enjoys a rented toy, parents may decide to buy a similar one.

Learning responsibility: Children can learn responsibility and the importance of taking care of borrowed items when they rent toys from neighbors. This can be an educational experience.

Supports local economy: Money spent on toy rentals often stays within the local community, supporting your neighbors' income.

It is essential to establish clear guidelines and agreements when renting toys from neighbors to avoid misunderstandings and maintain a positive relationship. Additionally, safety should always be a priority, and parents should ensure that rented toys meet safety standards and are suitable for their child's age and development level.

Britehoods Shareables connects neighbors looking for sports and outdoor equipment, with those who own it but use it only occasionally - fostering a sense of community, sustainability, and adventure. Whether it's for a weekend adventure, trying out a new hobby, or just staying active, Shareables brings neighbors together.


Cost Savings: Sports and outdoor equipment, especially the high quality brands/models, can be expensive to buy and maintain, making it inaccessible for many. Renting from neighbors is usually more affordable than buying new equipment, saving you money on occasional or seasonal use items.

Income opportunity: Earn extra income by listing your underutilized gear for rent, helping your neighbors while you profit.

Convenience: It's convenient to borrow or rent equipment from nearby neighbors, eliminating the need for long trips to rental shops or sporting goods stores.

Sustainability: Sharing equipment within a community reduces the need for multiple people to purchase and own similar items, reducing excessive waste. 

Access to variety: Neighbors may have a diverse range of equipment, allowing you to try out different sports or outdoor activities without committing to purchasing expensive gear.

Storage space: Renting equipment instead of owning it helps save space in your home or garage.

Maintenance: Often, neighbors who lend equipment will maintain it well, ensuring that it's in good working condition when they are needed.

Accessibility: It makes outdoor activities more accessible to those who might not otherwise afford the equipment.

Great for brands: Shareables encourage more and more people to try out a sport or activity - and then invest in new equipment if they like it and want to continue on a regular basis. 

It is important to establish clear terms and communication with your neighbors to ensure a positive experience when renting sports and outdoor equipment.

Britehoods Shareables is a movement that transforms neighborhoods into vibrant communities of adventurers and eco-conscious individuals.

Heatwaves, snowstorms, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis: When disasters strike, everything gets strained - resources run low, store shelves get emptied out, transportation in and out of the affected areas slows down/gets cut off, relief agencies are strained . . . 

Inevitably there are durable essential items and resources that some people in the affected areas don’t have and need, and others in the neighborhoods have and are willing to share. Blankets, heaters, appliances, tools, medical equipment, vehicles, boats, tents and such, as well as expertise such as cooking, home repair, language support, technology support, child care, emotional support and more. 

The trouble is - there is no visibility and searchability on who has what available. Those in need suffer, and those who want to help are frustrated. 

Britehoods Shareables can help by enabling people who are willing to help be able to quickly and easily create a library of items they are willing to rent/lend to people in need during a widespread emergency. People in need can seek specific items they need - which can be picked up or delivered to them by the owners willing to help. 

With Britehoods Tags and its system of accountability, those items will have a good chance at coming back to the owners when the disaster conditions have been mitigated. 
 Neighbors making their resources available to each other in case of a disaster offers several benefits:

Community resilience: It strengthens the overall resilience of the community, as everyone is better prepared to respond to emergencies collectively.

Faster response: Access to nearby resources speeds up the response time during a crisis, potentially saving lives and minimizing damage.

Cost and space savings: Sharing resources can be more cost-effective than everyone individually stockpiling items, making emergency preparedness more affordable.

Builds trust: Promotes trust and solidarity among neighbors, fostering a sense of community and cooperation.

Great self-reliance: Makes communities more self-sufficient in times of crisis, decreasing reliance on external aid.

Customized support: Neighbors can find support tailored to their specific needs, as they are familiar with local conditions and challenges.

Emotional support: Beyond physical resources, when neighbors connect on Britehoods, they can provide emotional support, reducing stress and anxiety during difficult times. 

Community bonding: Facilitates interactions and relationships among neighbors, which can have long-lasting positive effects on the community's well-being.

Neighbors collaborating and sharing resources on Britehoods Shareables enhances the community's ability to respond effectively and recover more swiftly from disasters and emergencies.

If you have ideas for a category of Shareables not already listed, we would love to hear from you. Please message us: Account > Messages; or via email:

In general we do not recommend posting items on the app for renting that the Sharer holds personally dear, is too fragile, is too valuable to let it go into another person’s hands, or can cause other problems. 

You may also consider not posting items that you use regularly, and will miss them if they are not returned in a timely manner. 

We urge Sharers to only offer items in good working condition. Please read the Item condition section above for more.

Items that cannot be posted on Britehoods Shareables include:

- Firearms of any kind.

- Explosives, fireworks, or related equipment.

- Equipment related to dangerous gasses or chemicals. 
- Items that require a license to operate. 

- Items that are illegal in your area. 

All items posted on Britehoods are reviewed and will be removed if they violate these guidelines. 

Britehoods can give local rental businesses a big boost: 

- Get powerful state of the art technologies to make your business more efficient and scalable - at no upfront or fixed cost.

- Get access to a growing community

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